Who am I?

Sometimes it is a tough question to answer, only because I don’t know how much I should share. I am 1 of 4 siblings, I have 3 amazing brothers. After losing our Dad when he was only 24 years old, we were raised by our single mom in Rochester, NH.  She struggled to take care of us kids financially and emotionally.

We moved a lot because of one reason or another, section 8 ran out, rent wasn’t paid, etc.  Though it was always in Rochester (most of the time).  My siblings and I were troubled kids, we skipped school, we fought, and we were rebellious. My younger brother and I attended an alternative school for many years, for me if it was not for that school I would have never graduated high school.

It was an unhealthy environment, we didn’t focus on nutrition, the exercise we got was walking around town with our friends, and each of us siblings began smoking at very young ages (following in Mom’s footsteps?). After smoking for more than 13 years, I quit at the age of 29. However, none of us struggled with our weight, because we were not allowed to snack whenever we wanted and most times we were out running the streets.

I am married to my high school sweetheart, though we had many years of struggles ourselves with finances, being young parents, coming from different lifestyles, we survived it all TOGETHER. We are the parents of 2 amazing young adults that have big hearts and free souls, we love that they want to know see and learn more about the world than just what our small city can offer.

my family

So when did my life turn into fitness?

It was definitely a snow ball of things that happened all right around the same time that changed my life. I attended my first Zumba Fitness class with a friend; fell in love with the class. I started attending more regularly and decided it was something that I wanted to teach myself, as I began teaching Zumba part time at the local rec center I had an event that would changemy mom my life, my heart and my world forever. I lost my mom at the age of 55 suddenly after a routine surgery. This event shattered me, my mom was my best friend, and she was the rock that I had my entire life.


Something inside of me changed, I was even more focused on helping people understand the importance of being healthy. You see my mom had already dealt with throat cancer, heart attacks and lung cancer. However, she never found the right path to change her lifestyle. I wanted to help people know that they could achieve weight loss, healthy living and be stronger than they ever have been. I received my personal trainer certificate along with my group fitness certificate through AFAA and started teaching boot camp and other fitness classes part-time.  I also became an Independent Beachbody Coach to help people who can’t attend classes but I could still support and coach online.

I now help people of all ages with health and fitness and I am humbled by the amount of senior citizens that attend my classes and push themselves to stay active and healthy.seniors



I also started my walk with Christ. I realized that I was mad at him for taking my mom, but I had never thanked him for ALL the blessings that I have received. It seemed an unfair relationship on my part. With the help of friends and family, I began to understand the importance of having God in my everyday life. To truly understand what the meaning of “Let go and let God” meant. This was not an easy journey; there was much of my heart that fought it, because of personal experiences that had hardened my heart. The more time I spent in God’s word, the more open my heart was becoming.

Where am I today?

After 14 years working full-time an hour away from home as a Corporate Purchasing Manager for a building controls company, with the love and support of my husband I quit my job in March of 2014 to pursue a full-time career in health and fitness.

I now teach 16 classes a week at my studio, 2 of which our FREE senior power hour classes offered through the Rochester Rec Department. I hold online accountability groups to help those that are not able to attend classes or not located in my area and I actively attend church.

I absolutely love what I do, the relationships that I have built are amazing, and the change in my heart that I have seen sometimes even blows me away. I am blessed that this is the path that God has shown me to best use the gifts that he has created within me.


I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Phil 4:13